Hive™ makes cloud file storage and retrieval simple, modern, and robust.

Hive allows Packetizer to store information in the cloud and allow users to retrieve that information from anywhere in the world. Packetizer serves virtually every presentation or other non-HTML document type from Hive.

Hive is a networked collection of redundant storage systems that uses standard web technologies in order to store and retrieve files. Like a bee hive, Hive is comprised of many cells where data is stored. All information placed into the Hive is replicated elsewhere in the Hive for added security against data loss and server failure. Server failure is quickly detected and corrected, allowing users to retrieve files even in the face of server outage.

For software developers curious about how the service is implemented, it is implemented as a set of software modules that are invoked through the Apache web server. We have an API which would be used by any client that interfaces with the Hive service. We currently have command-line clients that are used to put a file (hput), put and publish a file for public access (hpublish), get a file (hget), alter file attributes (hattr), list files (hls), and remove a file (hrm).

The service is currently operational, but used only to serve files for Packetizer-operated web sites.